Pokemon Go players run like Usain Bolt after wild Charizard was spotted at Yishun canal

Stompers Sharon and Marcus sent Stomp videos showing Pokemon Go players running on pavements beside a canal in Yishun yesterday (Aug 19) at around 11pm.

In a telephone interview, Stomper Sharon said that they were running to catch a wild Charizard.

A Charizard is very rare and does not typically appear for trainers to catch.

Both Stompers believe that the players were using an extenal phone application that will send alerts when an elusive Pokemon is spotted somewhere.

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After receiving the alert, they ran to the location to grab the Charizard before it disappeared.

Stomper Marcus reported seeing people running along the canal for around 10 minutes.

He also shared with us some of his thoughts with regard to the Pokemon Go craze:

"Crazy some people may say but I choose to be neutral.

"I say worthy games unite people as long as players have their limits and don't affect others."

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