Pokemon trainers occupy parking lots at Hougang Ave 10: One even challenges resident to call the police

Stomper Lin was annoyed that a rude Pokemon trainer challenged her father to call the police when he asked if the crowd could give up the parking spots they occupied to the residents at Block 414 Hougang Avenue 10.

The Stomper said a really large group of Pokemon trainers had gathered at the carpark there.

They had parked in the lots meant for residents of that estate.

When Lin's family returned, they realised that all the lots were either taken up or blocked by the crowd.

So, she said her dad politely asked one of them if they could give up the lot which was meant for residents.

"The person was very rude and challenged my dad to call the police," said Lin. 

"This is really the most terrible of zombified Pokemon-hunters.

"So angry."