Passenger impressed by cabby's 'hidden talent' as he belts out Italian opera song

It is not everyday that you board a taxi and meet a driver with such undiscovered talent. 

Thomas Manhart kick-started his cab journey with some small talk with his driver, and naturally, the driver asked him for his job scope. 

Thomas is a full time staff at the School Of The Arts (SOTA), and has a strong background in opera. 

Said Thomas in the video caption: 

"The cabby then mentioned that he also had singing lessons, but never performed.

"His teacher was a Chinese tenor who studied in the 50s in Italy and returned to Singapore to teach."

Then, the amazing thing happened.

In the video below, the 63-year-old taxi driver began to sing a short Italian opera song. 

"He called me teacher and bowed, but I bowed lower because this gets all my respect!" added Thomas.