A wonderful story about racial harmony in S'pore: How passenger ends up having lunch with kind taxi uncle

Facebook user Irfan Musthapa shared a heartwarming story of his encounter with a generous taxi uncle.

Irfan had flagged down a taxi while carrying mooncake boxes for his clients in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival.

This sparked a conversation with his cabby who asked about the mooncakes that eventually led to tips on how to stay healthy.

He also shared his secret to Irfan: Thinking positive and keeping happy.

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Irfan alighted the cab upon reaching his destination with advice and tips from the cabby.

By coincidence, when he flagged down a taxi again a while later, he boarded the same taxi.

Irfan asked the taxi uncle to drop him off at any nearby coffeeshop for lunch but the cabby went out of his way to bring him to a coffeeshop he knew would have more a wider variety of food for him.

The uncle then asked if he could join Irfan for lunch and even treated him to a drink.

They had a good chat about life and filial piety during their meal together and Irfan left with several lessons learnt.

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