Another more-funny-than-scary fight in S'pore -- this time in Serangoon

Submitted by Stomper Zack

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WWE's biggest event Wrestlemania may have just concluded, but two men clearly did not get enough of the action as they fought each other at Farleigh Avenue in the Serangoon area.

Stomper Zack alerted Stomp to a video circulating online showing the comedic showdown.

In the video, the two men can be seen taunting and shouting at one another. 

A man in black tries to stop the fight, but with the rush of adrenaline now surging through the two men, his efforts are futile. 

The man in the black T-shirt scores first blood with a quick uppercut to his opponent's jaw, followed by a blow to the face that knocks his contender off balance. He manages to land a kick before the man in red regains his footing. 

They start launching verbal insults at each other once again, before getting into a scuffle that takes the remainder of the match to the ground. It takes five men to pull them apart.

Someone can also be heard shouting, "Call the police, call the police!"

Watch the video below!