Father and daughter go Pokemon hunting in Pasir Ris -- and find about 20 wild boars instead

Submitted by Stomper Peh

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Stomper Peh was out Pokémon hunting with his daughter around Pasir Ris on Sunday (Dec 18) around 8pm when he spotted around 20 wild boars.

They were at the junction of Pasir Ris Drive 12 and Pasir Ris Farmway 1.

The Stomper said: "Prior to this, we had never seen any wild boars in this area, so we were surprised to see such a big group all at one time."

Stomper Peh also wondered if these animals would pose any safety risks to residents or joggers in that area.

The Stomper added: "We thought this was quite a rare sight and we would like to share the photos with fellow Stompers."