Motorcyclist knocks into Stomper's car and damages side mirror -- then speeds off immediately in hit-and-run case

Stomper A was driving along Upper Thomson Road on Tuesday (Dec 27) at around 8:45am when a motorcycle collided with his vehicle and damaged his side mirror. 

The motorcyclist however, did not stop and proceeded to ride away. 

The incident was captured on A's car camera and A subsequently sent the video to Stomp.

In the video, the motorcyclist could be riding in close proximity to A's vehicle until suddenly a loud 'thud' is heard.

A alleged that the 'thud' sound was a result of the crash between the motorcycle and his side mirror. 

Said A:

'The motorcycle with the number FBC2527Z caused damage to my car. 

“I couldn’t chase after him as the roads were congested since it was during the peak hours.

A has already lodged a police report and the case is under investigation. 

Watch the video below.