Man hopes to win ex-GF of 6 years back: "I am willing to do anything for you, Angel Teo"

Submitted by Stomper AhKaiBoy

Stomper AhKaiBoy is deparately seeking to get back together with his ex-girlfriend, Angel.

He admits that he failed to cherish her while they were together but is now full of regrets after letting her go.

Although he knows that she has no lack of suitors chasing after her, he hopes that she will read this confession and see how sincere he is about making it work:

"I sincerely hope Stomp can help me win back my ex-girlfriend as she is very important to me.

"I hope she will be able to see my post through Stomp.

"Here is my post:

"I am really wrong, I failed to cherish my ex-girlfriend, Angel Teo who has sacrificed and done so much for me.

"We had met through our parents and I managed to win her heart and be together with her for 6 years.

"She had quit her prospective career for me, taking care of my old folks without complaints.

"I had hurt her and she broke up with me.

"She has no lack of suitors courting her.

"She had spent her life endlessly caring for my welfare and always placed her loved ones first.

"I really regret letting her go, I thought I could move on without her, spending time on drinking and smoking but it's not true.

"I feel so empty without her, I miss her love, her existence in my life and never failing to give me surprises and always being faithful to me.

"I treated her badly and that lead her to be so disappointed in me.

"I tried to win her back several times but I am still not able to move her and now she has changed her handphone number.

"I promised her that I will treat her preciously but I did not keep my promises.

"Now, I would like to tell her, my pretty Angel Teo, thank you for your time with me for the past few years.

"For enduring my bad temper and scolding you with vulgarities, failing to cherish your good nature.

"I would like you to give me a chance, to take your hand and walk through the rest of my remaining life and have a family.

"I will never hurt you and vow to be dedicated to you only.

"I beg you for your return, I know there are tons of guys courting you.

"I can't afford to lose you, I am willingly to do anything for you.

"I have been going through hell and using alcohol and cigarettes to numb myself.

"I do not know how long I can survive like this.

"I am waiting for you to come back to me.

"The dreams that you wish, are waiting for u too."