Man catches pervert who tried to trick 'girl' into having sex by posting job ad

Zul Haikal Jaafar pretended to be 'Amirah' to catch a man who was offering a job to whom he thought was a 'girl' and then trying to trick her into having sex.

Zul posed as a 17-year-old Insitute of Technical Education (ITE) student looking for a job when he realised that the person he was contacting was asking him to meet and engage him sexually. 

The man also offered 'Amirah' work as a prostitute.

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Despite 'Amirah' being underage, the man still tried to persuade her to have sex with him but Zul was clever enough to ask the man for a selfie. 

The man sent selfies to Zul who then proceeded to make a police report regarding the incident. 

Zul also published screenshots of their conversation on his Facebook page, which has been shared over 1,000 times across the social platform.