Man says woman 'looks like a prostitute', offers her up to $2,000 for sex

Stomper KH received inappropriate texts from a man she was speaking to yesterday after getting to know him via a mobile application.

During the conversation, the man requested to meet the Stomper one-on-one at a local club.

The Stomper refused, saying that she wanted to bring some friends along.

The man then said replied saying he preferred a one-on-one meet-up, but the Stomper still said no.

KH then attempted to end the conversation by coming with up an excuse saying she wants to meet girls instead.

Feeling that he was 'ripped off', the man started offering her money for sex, offering the Stomper $2,000 to sleep with him and calling her a prostitute. 

He also continued sending her a series of texts, some containing vulgarities.

The Stomper's conversation with the man then ended thereafter.