Kind-hearted captain of SBS Bus 55 always greets passengers -- even though some just ignore him

Submitted by Stomper Danish

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Stomper Danish wrote to Stomp to express his heartfelt thanks to a bus captain he frequently encounters when he boards SBS Bus 55.

Said the Stomper who usually takes the bus in Bishan at around 9pm:

"I would like to commend the bus captain driving bus number 55. 

"I have been taking the bus he drives for over 10 times or more from Bishan Interchange.

"He always greets passengers with a sincere smile. He never fails to do that every single time someone boards the bus.

"Some may just walk by and ignore him, but that does not stop him from smiling and greeting.

"The aura that he has is always soothing and I am always at ease whenever I see him. 

"I thank you for having him on board as a captain and I appreciate his every effort. 

"I would love to share this good experience I have.

"Sad thing is I don't know his name. 

"I want to show my appreciation and let people know that a simple smile can bring happiness to others, especially after a hard day at work. It really perks up one's mood. 

"So, keep smiling and make your passengers' day better. 

"Thank you SBS."