Guy parks ridiculously close to Stomper's car at Wessex Estate -- then tells him to 'climb in from passenger's side'

Submitted by Stomper Rkoh

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Stomper Rkoh was annoyed at an inconsiderate driver who had parked too close to his car at Wessex estate last night (Dec 10).

Rkoh was having dinner with his family when he found the car parked like that.

He asked the restaurant staff to locate the owner who came out and aske him what had happened so the Stomper pointed at the parked cars.

Said the Stomper:

"Guess what this trash said: 'Oh, I had the same problem earlier on my side. You should try to go in from the passenger's side.'"

"I would have but I can't climb in from the passenger's side because of my size.

"He couldn't be bothered to say sorry at all and just walked off."