Even Pokemon Go trainers stop to peek at angry notes left on errant driver's Ferrari at Bedok Reservoir

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A Ferrari driver who had parked out of his lot at Bedok Reservoir's carpark received multiple notes on his windscreen.

Stomper Christmas Candy sent in photos showing Pokemon Go trainers in the area curiously trying to read the notes on the vehicle.

One of the note says, "Please learn how to park properly. This is not your home."

Said the Stomper:

"Saw this red Ferrari parked at Bedok Reservoir's public car park. Understood from nearby Pokemon catchers on who the owner is.

"How inconsiderate is his way of parking! And it's peak period at the park where residents exercise and parents send kids for roller-blading classes.

"I have a good mind to park really close next to him."

More photos of the incident were also posted Beh Chia Lor - Singapore Roads and credited to Joanna Ang & Anonymous.