Angry Stomper leaves note for Porsche driver who did this

Stomper Sufian found his vehicle blocked by a Porsche after he parked his car at a carpark near Block 218 in Jurong East on Aug 7 and left an angry note on the windscreen of the luxury car

Photos the Stomper sent show the blue-coloured Porsche parked beyond the boudaries of a lot it was occupying. The door at the passenger's seat of Sufian's car was blocked as a result.

Read the note the Stomper left:

"To the selfish driver of Porsche SJS217Z, thank you for making my passenger cannot open the door to alight.

"A selfish and careless driver like you make the lots look fuul.

"Idiot driver!

"I've taken a few photos to submit to the HDB.

"Not to forget, I'm a Stomper!"