'Genius' e-scooter rider hogs lane at Serangoon Rd -- until driver sounds horn at him

The number of accidents involving e-scooters have been on the rise these days and this video circulating online only further fuels controversy involving the device.

In the video uploaded by Roads.sg, an e-scooter rider can be seen riding on the middle lane along Serangoon Road.

He hogs the lane and only switches to the first one after getting honked at. And while doing so, the rider also comes dangerously close to a silver car on the left lane.

The caption of the video  expressed disbelief at the e-scooter rider's behaviour. It said:

"Really? Riding along Serangoon Road. If you cannot understand that it is illegal for e-scooters to be on our roads, then come December and get ready for your summons and enforcement hitting you hard. Stop being a nuisance and get back onto the pavement."

Watch the video below.