Youth puts his life at risk by overtaking bus along Mandai Road

Submitted by Stomper Mavrick

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With the rise of e-scooter-related accidents these days, Stomper Mavrick shared a video of a young man recklessly riding an e-scooter and attempting to overtake a public transport bus along Mandai Road.

In the video, the driver sitting beside Stomper Mavrick can be heard telling the Stomper in Chinese to record his speedometer that indicated a speed of 70 kilometres per hour.

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The driver sarcastically praised the man on the e-scooter for riding faster than his car’s speed of 70 kilometres per hour.

The man on the e-scooter then glanced over to his right before increasing his speed to overtake the public transport bus in front of him.

The footage recorded by Stomper Mavrick shows the man overtaking the bus by swerving dangerously to his left.

He could have been hit by the bus being so close to the front of the bus.

Watch the video below.