Broken fan blade nearly hits golfers at Kranji NSRCC: "We are thankful to be alive"

Submitted by Stomper Casey

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Stomper Casey was having a drink with his friends in The Terrace Cafe at Kranji National Service Resort & Country Club (NSRCC) on Monday afternoon (Mar 27) when the blade of a fan suddenly hit an empty chair at their table. 

The Stomper said:

"There were four people sitting at the table initially, but one of my friends had to go off.

"Out of nowhere, an object was hurled towards us at breakneck speed. It skimmed on the top of the table before it hit the unoccupied chair.

"We didn't know what happened until we looked up and saw a nearby fan wobbling. It was around three tables away.

"Upon investigation, we found that the object that hit the chair was a blade from the ceiling fan.

"Thank goodness it missed us! We were dumbfounded and shocked.

"What would have happened if we were hit? We may never live to play Golf again!

"Now I have a phobia whenever I sit under a ceiling fan.

"I am a retired engineer, and I suspect the blade was defective.

"Installing a fan is not a joke, it is something to be taken seriously. Do not do a sloppy job, otherwise others might pay the price."

An NSRCC spokesperson told Stomp that all similar fans at the Kranji clubhouse were switched off immediately, and they were conducting investigations to ascertain the defects. The fans will not be turned on until they are certified safe to use.

Until then, standing fans have been deployed in the Golfer's Terrace. 

Additional checks will also be conducted on the fans at the Changi clubhouse to make sure they are safe. 

NSRCC is also working with the supplier of the fans on possible courses of action that can be taken in order to rectify the problems.