Disgruntled Malaysian man shatters glass panels at telco service center with golf club in Sibu

Just months after a dissatisfied customer egged the headquarters of a Malaysian telecommunication company, another seriously angry customer has resorted to a extreme method to show his disappointment with its services: Swinging a golf club wildly and shattering the window panes of a service centre in Sibu, Malaysia.

Videos of the man’s reckless behaviour were captured by CCTVs and uploaded into the Facebook page of Sibu Update, invoking many comments from netizens.

Many commenters felt that the company deserved it, for customers to react this way in a matter of months, reports The Coverage

One netizen said:


“I had wanted to do this a long time ago.”

However, others pointed out that the man clearly lacked patience and the telco was noticeably better than others.  

Another netizen commented:

“What’s this about?

“So violent for shortchanging you in service?

“It’s not worth doing such things.

“It won’t be a simple matter anymore after he smashes the glass doors.”

Watch the video below.