Eewww! Man finds 'extra ingredient' in cake bought from Jurong West bakery

Stomper Ng’s daughter was about to eat a piece of cake today (Nov 17) when she discovered a dead insect embedded within.

She immediately took a picture of it and sent it to her father, who promptly went back to the bakery based in Jurong West and confronted the owner.

According to Ng, the cake was bought yesterday (Nov 16) at around 8pm, and the bakery staff had claimed that the cake was factory-made and not directly produced by the bakery itself.

Since the incident, both the factory and bakery have reached out to Ng to offer compensation for his family, to which he had rejected.

Said the concerned father:

“My daughter and I had already eaten a piece of that cake the night before.

“I just hope we don’t get food poisoning.”