First milk powder, now mouldy luncheon meat? Woman gets the fright of her life after opening can

Stomper Casey’s sister-in-law bought a can of luncheon meat this morning (Nov 9) from a supermarket and was disgusted upon discovering that the inside of the can had been contaminated with mold. 

According to her, it emitted a potent, nauseating smell.

Unable to bear the stench, Casey’s sister-in-law quickly took some picture of the luncheon meat as evidence and threw the can away.

She also noted that expiry year stated was 2017, and the exterior of the product looked immaculate.

Casey then sent the photos taken to Hosen Group, and a spokesperson promptly apologized for the product.

Said the spokesperson:

"Thank you for your time in reaching out to us and we are truly apologetic for the affected quality of our Highway Ham Luncheon Meat which you had purchased.

"We at Hosen Group are committed to providing quality and safe food products to our consumers and we definitely take this issue seriously.

"Judging from the photos which you have submitted, one of the possible and most common causes could be due to a broken seal from the can lid.

"In order for us to perform a thorough investigation of the affected batch of Highway Ham Luncheon Meat, we would greatly appreciate if you could let us know which NTUC outlet you had purchased the product from."

This comes hot on the heels of a recent incident in which a woman bought a tin of milk powder that was infested with live insects.