E-biker holds up traffic by hogging middle lane near Bukit Panjang Plaza

Submitted by Stomper Angela

Stomper Angela was driving near Bukit Panjang Plaza at around 3.30pm yesterday (Oct 10) when she noticed the e-bike motorist in front of her hogging the middle lane of road, holding up traffic.

In attempts to signal the e-bike, she had horned once but the motorist refused to switch lanes.

"This motorist ignored our horn. 

"Whose fault will it be when this causes an accident on heavy traffic days?

"Why hasn't the LTA enforced any laws against this ?

"Do they think they are motorcycle motorists?"

If you watch the footage closely, you'll notice that the e-bike later drove out of the middle lane during the stop light, and joined the pedestrian crossing instead.

What a fickle-minded motorist....