'Desperate' guy uses ad for job placement to trick girls into sex

Submitted by Stomper Janice

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Stomper Janice had more than she bargained for when her new job employer requested for a quick intercourse session to "assess chemistry". 

Janice came across a job placement advertisement on Jobstreet put up by a guy allegedly named Mark and sent in her resume. 

To her horror, the Stomper received lewd texts from Mark, saying: 

"You are very attractive. You turn me on." 

Mark then went on to probe more about the Stomper, asking if she is single. 

The ultimate deal breaker came when Mark texted Janice, "In the interview we will have a short intercourse session to assess chemistry. Are you ok with this?" 

Said Janice: 

"Ladies out there, please beware of this guy who claims to be from Shell Infotech."