Bus driver takes lost autistic boy with no bus pass from Hougang to Changi Airport: Why boy's mother is not angry

The Straits Times
Friday, Feb 10, 2017

I would like to clarify that I am not angry with SBS Transit for taking my son from Hougang to Changi Airport ("Don't let lost children take the bus"; Feb 7).

In fact, I am grateful to the operator. When I approached the staff at Hougang MRT station when my son was lost, they were sympathetic and subsequently, made announcements to help locate him. 

I hope no disciplinary action will be taken against the bus driver for giving my son a ride even though he did not have a bus pass.

The driver must have been busy, as it was the peak hour. He could also have acted out of kindness.

I do not advocate a "no money, no ride" mentality. Certainly, people with special needs can (in fact, should) be granted free transport to ease their financial burden.

Rather, I wanted to raise awareness so people know how to render help if they encounter someone with autism who is lost.

One way to tell if someone has autism is his inability to answer questions well.

Public transport providers and members of the public who see such people wandering around can help by contacting their caregivers.

Brenda Tan Sinc Wee (Ms)

The Straits Times

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