Alleged cat killer left with bloodied face after neighbourhood feeder catches him kicking cat to death

A man who allegedly kicked a cat to death was 'taught a lesson' by a neighbourhood cat feeder after getting caught.

Facebook user Shafiq Khan posted a video of the alleged cat killer on the ground with a bloody face and wrote:

"Cat killer got his medicine. Usual cat feeder in the area found this man kicking and eventually killing a cat. The feeder taught him a lesson."

The video did not show the cat the man had allegedly killed but it did show him arguing with the man who appeared to have beaten him up.

He then attempts to get up but takes another tumble.

Netizens have mixed reactions to the video.

Some believe the old man deserved to get beaten up and that it was an act of 'karma' while others could not see how more violence solves the problem.

Watch the video below.