$430 drawer cabinet filled with roaches -- but boss of shop says it's 'not her problem'

Submitted by Stomper Edwin

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You just scored a good deal for a brand new sleek white cabinet for $430 at a furniture shop and are excited for it to arrive.

It is then delivered to your house the next day as requested, and it looks amazing -- sparkly clean.

But you then realise there is a weird stench coming from the cabinet/

You reach to open it only to be greeted with cockroach nymphs scurrying around, and their faeces spread all over the inner drawers.


Sounds horrifying? This is exactly what happened to Mr Hwee Keong Teo who purchased the product from a furniture store at Blk 142 Teck Whye Lane on Monday (Jan 2). But this so far is just one part of the story.

Yes, there's more.

He then gave a call to the store owner in hopes that she would fix the problem, but she ended up telling him that it was "none of her business" and to call the delivery guy instead.

But how was he supposed to call the delivery guy when there was no contact number provided?

Said Mr Hwee in a Facebook post alerted to Stomp by Stomper Edwin:

"She knows how to collect money, but pushes the blame to others when a problem arises.

"I called her store again to have her come and take a look at the cabinet but she refused, and said it was not working hours yet.

"But it was already past 10 in the morning when I called! And how can she answer the store's hotline if the store is not open yet?

"She even yelled at me and my wife on the phone!

"She also refused to provide a refund as it's 'not her problem'."

So much for customer service huh? 

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