PR fail? The Western Co. posts apology over sarcastic response to customer's alleged WTF comment -- then removes it

Have you ever encountered someone who says one thing, and mean another? 

This is exactly what many netizens are feeling now towards The Western Co.'s removal of its Facebook apology post.

On Nov 6, The Western Co.'s customer, Andy Wong, posted a long Facebook rant about his unpleasant experience at the eatery. 

The Western Co. then responded with sarcastic replies to Andy's rant, and added that Andy used "what the f***" on a counter staff member, though Andy insisted that he did not do so.

Last night (Nov 7), The Western Co. wrote an apology post on their Facebook page: 

"As a sincere and genuine act of apology, the management would like to apologize for not handling the situation properly.

We are a small and very new restaurant and we humbly admit that we have a lot to learn as far as customer service goes.

As a gesture to make peace over the recent matter, we will be appointing a social media agency to help us serve you better.

If anyone needs clarification on the incident, feel free to message us and all queries will be responded to promptly."

This sparked an uproar in the post's comments section, as over 170 netizens commented, many agreeing that hiring a social media agency would not help change the staff's bad attitude and service.

Said Facebook user Ashley Ong: 

"This is not just about bad social media skills, it is attitude and how you treat people.

"Just because you are feeling the negative impact of your personal-alike Facebook Page ranting, it does not mean a social media agency can help you.

"Customers eventually will be at your shop, having a face-to-face contact with you.

"Is your social media agency going to sit there in your shop to handle your customers?" 

As of today (Nov 8) afternoon, The Western Co. has removed its Facebook apology post. 

Said Facebook user Yvonne Sher Chay: 

"They deleted the apology!!!! GG (good game)."