Simei residents stack furniture in common corridor, blocking neighbour from passing through

Submitted by Stomper Julie

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Stomper Julie is at her wit's end regarding her next-door neighbours who have placed bulky items along the common corridor they share with her and other residents at Block 136 Simei Street 1.

On Dec 17 at around 1am, Julie had come back from a trip overseas and struggled to squeeze herself and her luggage through the small space left in the corridor.

In the process, she cut herself on one of the pieces of furniture that were placed outside.

"There are sofas, ceiling-high cabinets and even a fridge outside of their unit," said the Stomper in a phone interview.

According to Julie, the problem has been around ever since she moved into her seventh-floor unit in Dec, 2015.

She is now worried about her safety.

"My life is at risk," she said. "If a fire breaks out, how am I supposed to run?"

She added that she even struggles to go grocery shopping as she cannot fit her trolley through the corridor to get to the lifts.

When asked if she has talked to her neighbours regarding the problem, she said that they were "unapproachable" and "unfriendly" and she did not want to risk getting into a confrontation.

"I don't know what else to do," she said, exasperated.

"I hope the authorities can do something about it."

In response to Stomp media queries, a spokesman for East Coast - Fengshan Town Council said that they are aware of the situation and have served notice to the unit.

She added that they are monitoring the situation closely.