Signs placed up in Tampines condemn pigeon feeders as 'sinners', stir debate among residents

Some signs placed up in Tampines warning residents against the feeding of pigeons have stirred up a debate. 

In a Facebook post by the Tampines Town Council on Thursday (March 29), it said that the town council has placed up special signs in the shape of pigeons around Block 343 Tampines Street 33. 

The signs were designed to discourage pigeon feeding activity in the area, a feeding hotspot. 

Shin Min Daily News later visited the scene to inspect the signs. 

It was written on the main sign that the town council had received more than 10 reports of people feeding pigeons in the vicinity.

In addition, 10 smaller signs reflecting resident’s feedbacks were placed on the grass patch.

Some of the feedbacks were written humorously, while others were sounded more harsh. 

A sign in Mandarin read:

“Those who feed pigeons may feel good about themselves and think what they are doing is a virtue, but they are actually sinners.”

Another sign read:

“People feed pigeons for their own entertainment. This is wrong!

“One pigeon is cute. Many pigeons are hell.”

The majority of residents interviewed feel that the wording used in the signs are effective in deterring feeding activities, but others feel that they are overly harsh. 

Said Madam Li, 62:

“Even though some pigeons flew into my house once to steal food, I don’t think we need to use such strong words. 

"Humans or pigeons, they are still lives after all.”

Another resident, Mr Chen, 46, felt that the sign will stop people from feeding the pigeons, and help keep the surroundings clean.

Member of Parliament (MP) for Tampines GRC Mr Desmond Choo told Shin Min Daily News that the feedbacks used in the signs were collected through emails, as well as home visits.