Viral photos of kindergarten teachers allegedly burning documents in bin sparks fierce debate

Photos of three kindergarten teachers burning documents in an offering bin have riled up netizens.

A passerby who said he witnessed the situation allegedly confronted them, but was told that the trio that their principal had approved of their method of disposing of the documents, reports Shin Min Daily News

The netizen, Lin, posted on Facebook two photos, saying that the three woman had used an offering bin to burn some documents. Billows of smoke could be seen from the bin.

Lin also said that the three women were teachers in a kindergarten in Ang Mo Kio.

He said:

“When I went forward to ask them to stop, the lady in black who was a senior teacher, said they had gotten permission from their principal, and people also used the bins to burn joss paper during the Hungry Ghost Festival.”

He pointed out that from their conversation, he got the impression that the teachers often do that, and hopes that the town council and authorities will investigate the case further. 

The posting has since sparked a fierce debate among other netizens.

Some felt that the method of disposing of documents was appropriate.

Others felt that if the teachers had to burn the documents, using an offering bin would at least ensure that the ashes were contained and not scattered. 

However, others expressed concern that children would emulate their behaviour, and start burning items in the offering bins. 

A reader, Ms Lin, 30, said:

“These bins are meant for the burning of joss paper. 

“They aren’t suitable for burning documents. 

“If these documents aren’t completed incinerated, this could cause a leakage of information. A paper shredder is a more common method.”