Man asks Woodlands stall owner why he only got 2 prawns instead of 3 as pictured, gets screamed at

Submitted by Stomper Amos

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Shrimply unacceptable.

A diner was aghast when his prawn noodles came with only two prawns instead of three like the stall's signboard showed.

Stomper Amos said he got screamed at when he raised the issue with the owner of Fu Zhu Wanton Noodle at 888 Plaza, a coffee shop located at Woodlands Drive 50.

He recounted: "The stall's signboard presented a bowl of delicious-looking prawn noodles with three big prawns, costing $4.30.

"However, when I received my bowl of prawn noodles after paying $4.30, I was only served two small prawns.

"'Where is my 3rd prawn?' I asked the female stall owner who had her bleached hair tied up.

"She screamed, 'Only two prawns will be served.'

"I reasoned with her by saying, 'But your signboard shows the customers three prawns!'

"The female stall owner turned hysterical and shouted at me again, telling me to visit other stalls. She then proceeded to ignore me. Her overall behaviour was rude and unprofessional, bordering on crazy.

"I was left with two prawns after paying for three prawns. This is a typical example of pictorial misrepresentation committed by various hawker stalls when they depict inaccurate and misleading photographs of their food items. It is a common problem faced by Singaporeans."

Amos said he is sharing his experiences in hopes of warning other customers about misrepresentation in food photos and the hawker's "rude attitude".

He shared a picture of his prawn mee, which came with pork slices, fishcake and bean sprouts. Besides lacking one prawn, his meal also appears to be missing the vegetables displayed on the signboard.

The Stomper added: "I request the relevant authorities to step in to monitor the hawker centers and coffee shops when it comes to displaying accurate menus and signboards for the customers."