Shopee user in Malaysia gives 1-star rating to mirror sticker for 'making him look like Shrek'

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The DIY movement in home decorating is popular thanks to online shopping but what looked like a cheap deal for one man turned out to be hilariously disappointing.

A Stomper shared with Stomp how amused he was with a review left by a buyer on Shopee Malaysia for mirror decals.

"A guy bought mirror stickers on Shopee and blamed the seller and said it was small and made him ugly after seeing himself in the mirror so he gave only one star," said the Stomper.

In his review, the buyer said in Malay that the mirror decals were small and not at all like the photos in the listing.

"My face was normal but became like Shrek," he said while slamming the seller.

"This is considered misleading information.

"Thankfully, I was smart enough to buy only a few first."

The buyer was not the only one shocked at how small the decals were.

Hopefully, other online shoppers read the reviews first before purchasing.