Neighbour keeps splashing water at elderly couple's condo unit despite police reports, court order

Submitted by Stomper Gary

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The harassment started in June.

The police were called more than once. A court order was obtained on Oct 26.

Yet the neighbour persisted in throwing water outside an elderly couple's condominium unit in Rochor.

Stomper Gary, the couple's son, said his parents have been enduring this since June

"My father even escalated it to Protection from Harassment Court, received a court order and made countless police reports, hoping to get the neighbour to stop, but nothing has worked," recounted the Stomper.

"Instead, the neighbour got worse. She claimed in court that she had medical issues, but to be honest, she is completely well. She plans to vary the court order."

In a police report made by the Stomper's 73-year-old dad on Aug 30, the father said that the neighbour, who lives in unit #09-44, had sprayed water at a plant outside her unit in the direction of the father's door the night before.

The two units face each other across the corridor.

"She then said in a loud voice: '#09-43, the guy and the girl will pass away after three months.' She kept repeating this more than 10 times," said the Stomper's father.

"I do not know what she meant when she said the guy and the girl would pass away after three months. She was looking in the direction of my unit when she chanted those words.

"She then went back to her unit and took out a pail of water. She splashed the pail of water towards my door. She repeated this five times.

"We then decided to call the police for assistance as we could not take it any more. The police came and spoke to her.

"After the police officers left, she started to splash soapy water towards our unit."

The father said in the police report that the neighbour had been harassing him and his wife since the neighbour moved in two months earlier.

"I would like to add that all these incidents are causing us mental stress. For example, we do not know when she will splash water at our unit and we have to be extra careful every day when we reach home. She had disturbed the peaceful life we had before she moved in."

In response to a Stomp query, the police confirmed a report was lodged.

As of Nov 26, the Stomper has uploaded to YouTube 25 videos of CCTV footage showing what happened outside his parents' unit, including the neighbour throwing water and banging on the door.

The Stomper said: "The place that she is living is a rented unit, but even the landlord is afraid to evict her. We have just filed another CDRT (Community Disputes Resolution Tribunals) case against the landlord."