A MINI series: Auntie's infamous car parked in family lot also caught going against traffic while overtaking

Submitted by Stomper lance

The MINI Cooper parked in a family lot at Jurong Point which sparked a dispute between its driver and Facebook user Daniel Choo, was also caught overtaking other vehicles while going against traffic in an old video. 

While the vehicle in the old video is the same as the one parked at Jurong Point, it is unclear if the auntie was driving it at the time. 

The woman told Facebook user Daniel Choo that she has 'money to burn' after getting confronted for hogging a family lot at Jurong Point. 

Stomper Lance received the video from a WhatsApp group and forwarded it to Stomp.

According to the time stamp on the video, the incident happened on Aug 1, 2017, at around 6.45pm.

After checking with his WhatsApp group, Lance revealed that the video was taken along Jurong West Street 81, outside Pioneer Primary School. 

This video comes in light of other incidents shared by netizens after the incident at Jurong Point. 

Other netizens also revealed that the auntie has a history of hogging lots with her inconsiderate parking.

The same Mini Cooper seen parked selfishly outside McDonald's at Jurong Central Park. 

If you have encountered this auntie on the roads, do drop us a message to share your experience with us.

The first video below shows her driving against traffic, while the second video shows the confrontation between her and Facebook user Daniel Choo.