Woman parks in family lot, then tells man with kids that she has 3 cars and money to burn

A Facebook user, Daniel Choo recently posted about an infuriating encounter at Jurong Point, when a female driver allegedly cut the queue and took the family lot.

When confronted, the woman told Daniel that she has ‘money to burn’ while being filmed.

Footage of the confrontation was subsequently uploaded on Daniel’s page.

In the video, the woman tells Daniel:

“I got money to burn."

She then boasts that the MINI Cooper parked in the family lot was not her only car, and retrieves a bunch of car keys from her purse.

Daniel then tells her that he was going to upload the video onto Facebook to ‘let everyone know, to which the woman replies:

“Fine, go ahead. Everybody knows I got three cars. Go head.”

She openly invites Daniel to take a photo of her car too, and Daniel says that he already did. 

The woman elaborates her point:

“That does not mean your child got priority. (It’s) first-come, first-served.”

Daniel immediately rebukes her point, saying:

“No, no, it’s not a first-come, first-served. If it is a first-come, first served, why do they have this family lot?”

The woman writes the situation off as ‘stupid’, and Daniel retorts:

“This is not stupid. This is you being a very inconsiderate person.”

The woman acknowledges Daniel’s accusation, saying:

“I am.”

She reiterates to Daniel the fact that she has three cars. 

A security guard arrives at the scene and shakes the hand of the woman.

The matter is promptly resolved with the woman driving her car out of the lot. 

In Daniel’s post, he also addresses claims that he was being self-entitled. 

He writes:

“I just wanna clarify, this post is not because we are “not happy” that we didn’t get the family lot.

“Yes, it’s just a parking lot, but still it’s a reserved parking lot for families.”

Daniel goes on to explain that these lots are designed to be bigger to facilitate young children and elderly parents boarding or alighting the vehicles. 

Furthermore, items such as prams and wheelchairs should also be taken into consideration. 

During the time of the incident, Daniel says that he had three children with him, including a baby. 

Says Daniel:

“We just want people to know the importance of the family lots to someone who needs it more than just  anyone who is driving alone.”

What do you think?