Schoolgirl uses umbrella to shelter elderly woman from rain -- even as her bag gets wet

Submitted by Stomper Dhanesh

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A girl sheltered an elderly woman from the rain with an umbrella along Canberra Link yesterday (Oct 10) at about 7.20pm.

Stomper Dhanesh was in his car at Canberra Link when he took a photo of the incident.

"There was a heavy downpour last night when I saw an elderly woman getting off the bus without an umbrella," he said to Stomp.

"A schoolgirl got off the same bus and shared her umbrella with the elderly woman.

"The woman was taking small and cautious steps while the girl held the umbrella all along with a smile.

"It is heartwarming to see such a kind act.

Dhanesh also mentioned that the girl was not fully covered by the umbrella while she was sheltering the elderly woman.

"I can see that her bag was getting wet," he said.

"Kudos to the girl, her parents and school for bringing up a girl with such values."