Bus driver makes passengers feel warm on a rainy day by sheltering them with umbrella at Tampines

Submitted by Stomper Alvin

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A driver of SBS Transit bus service 59 was spotted sheltering alighting passengers with an umbrella amidst heavy rain along Tampines Avenue 1 yesterday (Sep 20) at around 7pm.

In a photo shared by Stomper Alvin, the bus driver is seen leaning out of the bus door while holding an umbrella over the head of an alighting passenger.

"As soon as the bus reached the stop, the driver got off his seat to use an umbrella and shelter the alighting passengers from the rain," Alvin said.

"He did this for every single passenger.

"There were about four to five passengers alighting at the time I took this photo.

"Good job!"

This is not the first time that a bus driver has been spotted doing a kind act.

Stomp previously reported another bus driver who helped shelter 15 of his passengers from the rain.

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