SBS Transit taking action against bus captain seen steering wheel with elbows, 'scratching chin'

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SBS Transit is taking disciplinary action against a bus captain for unsafe driving after he was photographed steering the wheel with his elbows and appearing distracted.

Several readers alerted Stomp to a Facebook post about the incident that reportedly occurred along Seletar Expressway.

The Jan 9 post said: "Controlling the steering wheel with elbows (both hands not on steering wheel) at 60km/h on rainy day... and plucking fingers scratch chin etc - for quite a while."

The user who wrote the post said that the bus "made it safely to Woodlands" but called it a "weird sight to see".

While some netizens felt that the bus captain's behaviour was worrying, many slammed the user for trying to destroy someone's livelihood.

The user later clarified that he had posted about the incident as he found it "unique" and not because there was a "safety issue".

However, not everyone agrees.

Mrs Grace Wu, a spokeswoman for SBS Transit, told Stomp on Jan 10: "We have looked into the incident and do not condone the unsafe driving behaviour of the bus captain concerned. We are taking disciplinary action against him to avoid a reoccurrence of the incident."