SBS Transit denies bus captain drove recklessly after Stomper says there was near-accident

Submitted by Stomper Alan

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SBS Transit has refuted claims by a motorist that one of its bus captains drove recklessly and sped on the road.

Stomper Alan said he was travelling along Alexandra Road on Sunday (Aug 20), at around 9.15am, when he had a near-accident with bus service 14.

Alan recounted: "I had stopped at the T-junction and was waiting for the traffic light to turn green when this SBS Transit bus sped very quickly and closely to me, almost crashing into my car.

"The bus also beat the red light when the green arrow was red, as shown in the video provided.

"The incident has given me and my wife a shock, as the bus was very big and close to my car, and it could have hit us."

However, a spokesman for SBS Transit denied any wrongdoing by the bus captain.

Mrs Grace Wu told Stomp in a statement on Friday: "Road safety is important to us and we take a serious view of the matter.

"Based on our CCTV footage, the bus was filtering across the lanes to make a right turn at the junction. From our records, it was not speeding. We note the bus captain had crossed the junction when the lights were initially amber.

"Therefore, we are of the opinion that our bus captain had not driven recklessly."