SBS bus captain gives commuters a memorable ride by greeting them without fail

Submitted by Stomper Jijah

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A driver of bus service 58 never fails to greet all his passengers every time they board or alight, regardless of rain or shine.

Stomper Jijah is one of those who is extremely impressed with the SBS bus captain's service and would like to commend him.

Said the Stomper:

"This morning (Aug 4) when I went to work at about 7am, I boarded Bus 58 (SG5442M) from Serangoon MRT station's bus stop to Pasir Ris.

"I have always seen this courteous bus captain greeting all passengers, including me without fail, every time we board or alight.

"He wishes us good morning, good bye, take care and thank you.

"If a pioneer boards, he will wait until the person is seated

"I experience a smooth ride whenever I board his bus. Thanks, courteous bus captain, for your service."