Safety lapse at Hello Kitty event at VivoCity: 'Photographers want nice shots but don't want life'

Submitted by Stomper JK

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VivoCity has apologised for causing concern after people were spotted taking pictures from the roof without safety measures at a Hello Kitty event on Sept 9.

Stomper JK shared photos of the incident at the mall's open-air Sky Park.

"Looks like the photographers want nice shot but don't want life," said the Stomper. "No safety harness.

"They could access the roof, so they should be from Vivo management."

In response to a Stomp query, a spokesperson for MPACT Property Management, which manages the mall, said: "We have verified that there was a lapse of safety protocol for rooftop access to VivoCity for photo-taking of the ‘Garden Of Lights’ with Sanrio characters event on Sept 9.

"It was unfortunate that although prior permission was sought for rooftop access by the marketing communications team, all the required safety steps were not observed.

"We have taken immediate steps to prevent the same from happening again and also introduced additional measures.

"We also apologise for any concern that arose due to the incident."

The Garden Of Lights event ends on Oct 1.