Segar Road resident concerned to see student sitting on rooftop of primary school

Submitted by Stomper Toh

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A passer-by was concerned to see a boy sitting on the rooftop of West Spring Primary School in Bukit Panjang on Thursday morning (Aug 17).

Stomper Toh, a Segar Palmview resident, said she noticed the student on the roof of the building at around 8am.

She recounted: "I was shocked to see him sitting on the rooftop from my window. The student was seen rubbing his eyes excessively and could have been crying.

"As I was rushing for work, I am unsure if the boy was found and brought to safety.

"One thing to question is the safety of the school! I am surprised that there doesn't seem to be any gate or fence to prevent unauthorised access to the roof.

"I am worried and saddened by the fact that the parents might not even know if their child is at risk while in school."