Rubbish along East Coast beach leaves bad impression on locals and tourists, says Stomper

Submitted by Stomper Wong

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Stomper Wong was out with her family at East Coast Park at around 4pm yesterday (Jun 10), when she saw a trail of rubbish on the beach.

Wong said that this "does not leave a great impression on locals or tourists" as she saw people from all walks of life struggling to find a place to sit on the beach because of the rubbish. 

Wong said: "This was located close to the playground, near where McDonald's is."

"We were cycling and my kids were running around.

"I feel that the rubbish poses a danger to the kids because they contain sharp items.

"I think we should not forget Singapore's reputation, which is to be 'clean and green'."

Wong also added that she shared this in order to create awareness to the public to dispose of waste properly.