Resident warns of cobra at Sembawang HDB block: 'I saw it swallow a frog'

Submitted by Stomper Nana

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Pssst. Look closely and watch your step, that black coil is actually a cobra.

Stomper Nana spotted a Black Spitting Cobra in Sembawang Crescent on Thursday night (Feb 23) and would like to warn others to be careful.

She said: "I was walking over to the playground behind my house and while walking past with my kids, I spotted a black cobra snake at the passageway between Block 363C Sembawang Crescent and the carpark.

"I spotted the cobra swallowing a frog and moving towards the drain.

"Please do me mindful when walking around this area. Those staying in the vicinity, do be careful."

Nana, who said it was her first time coming across a snake in the estate, also shared a video showing how long the cobra was.

The Stomper added: "I do see this as a good sign as snakes are sacred animals."

According to Ecology Asia, the Black Spitting Cobra is a highly venomous species that is often encountered in leafy suburbs and occasionally in high-density housing estates. It can also be found in cooler, sheltered places such as behind household clutter in gardens, or in cavities behind open drains and garden walls.

Although the cobra prefers to avoid confrontation and is not considered aggressive, it will readily spit venom, even from up in the trees, when feeling cornered or threatened. It can also strike and bite.

Members of the public are advised to maintain a safe distance when encountering a snake. Do not approach or attempt to handle it.

More information about do's and don'ts can be found here.

View more photo of the cobra in the gallery.