Mum with toddler worried after seeing python near Boon Lay playground

Submitted by Stomper Gelina

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While snakes are do not attack unless disturbed or provoked, the sight of one can still be worrying, especially if you have children in tow.

Stomper Gelina was concerned to see a python at Block 209 Boon Lay Place on Tuesday (Aug 9), at around 5.40pm.

Gelina, who was with her one-year-son, said: "We were walking when we saw the snake.

"I tried calling the pest control, but no one answered. I took a video and sent it to my husband.

"I hope to share this on Stomp to alert residents in the area. There's a playground nearby so it's worrying for kids."

Snakes are generally shy creatures and will usually try to slither away from humans. Here's what to do if you spot a snake in public:

  • Observe from a safe distance, as snakes will not attack unless disturbed or provoked.

  • Stay calm and back away slowly, giving it space to retreat.

  • Do not approach or attempt to handle the snake.

  • Leave it alone, especially if it is in its natural habitat. Call the National Parks Board (NParks) at 1800-476-1600 if you need assistance.

  • Keep pets on a tight leash as they might chase the snake and frighten it.

Members of the public who see a wild animal in distress can also call the Animal Concerns Research and Education Society (Acres) at 97837782.