Resident finds 2 unattended luggage locked to a bench at HDB void deck in Bukit Panjang

Submitted by Stomper Lim

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Two pieces of luggage were left unattended and locked to a bench at the void deck of Housing Board (HDB) Block 605 Senja Road on Saturday (Aug 24). 

Stomper Lim contributed photos of what she saw when she was going for lunch with her husband at about 2pm. 

She said to Stomp: "We were thinking about making a police report or not because they were left unattended. Suspicious is one thing but we were also not too sure if we should cause this alarm. 

"However, when we came back from our lunch, which was before 4pm, we didn't see the luggage already."

Stomp understands that nobody reported this incident to the police. 

According to SGSecure's website, people should look out for unattended items in public spaces, especially those with the following characteristics:

  • Have excessive usage of securing materials
  • Have stains or discolouration and/or emit an unusual odour
  • Have wires sticking out

If anyone has any information about suspicious activity or behaviour, they should call the police at 999 or send a message (SMS) to 71999 if they cannot talk. Information can also be submitted to the police via the SGSecure mobile app.