Man blames SMRT for lost phone after leaving it unattended at charging point

A Facebook user uploaded a post on Friday (May 4), criticising the SMRT for being ‘irresponsible’ and ‘not doing anything’ after he reportedly lost his phone which he had left unattended at the charging point of Admiralty MRT Station. 

After the incident, Facebook user Cavin sent an email to SMRT and subsequently received a reply and a call from SMRT.

In the reply, SMRT said it reviewed the security footage of the incident and concluded that Cavin had left his phone at the charging point in the station at 10.47am as he headed in the direction of the ATM.

When Cavin returned to the charging point at 10.51am, the phone had been taken by a third party. 

The email also referred to a call made by SMRT to Cavin on April 20, in which it advised him to make a police report on the incident.

SMRT also added that it will extend its full cooperation to the police in the matter. 

It was not mentioned in the email on which day the incident had taken place.

Stomp understands that the email Cavin was an official reply from a customer relation officer at SMRT. 

In a reply on Cavin post, a netizen chastised the user for being ‘spoiled’.

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Another netizen wrote: 

On his own page, Cavin also posted up other scathing posts criticising a bank for allegedly 'cheating his money', although he did not provide any proof, or elaborate on the matter.