Resident delighted after hornbills pay him a visit at D'Leedon condo

Submitted by Stomper Mike

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A Stomper was delighted after three hornbills paid him a visit on Jan 12.

Stomper Mike, who is a resident at D'Leedon condominium near Farrer Road, shared with Stomp a photo and video he managed to take of one of the hornbills.

"One flew into our balcony," he said.

"We are so excited as it was the first time we were experiencing these beautiful birds."

This is not the first time hornbills have paid surprise visits to homes across the island.

Last November, another condominium resident was just as excited when two hornbills paid her a visit on her balcony at Minbu Road in Balestier.

Three other hornbills were caught playing hopscotch on bamboo poles at a Bukit Purmei resident's window.

Oriental pied hornbills were once extinct in Singapore due to habitat loss but are now widespread all over Singapore after they recolonised Pulau Ubin in the 1990s.

They are generally not shy or wary of human presence.