Woman finds solace in birds that visit her Belmont Road garden after parents' passing

Submitted by Stomper Mary Jane

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A hornbill and other birds have been flocking to one woman's garden in Belmont Road.

"I do wonder if maybe they love my place because there are lots of worms in my garden," said Stomper Mary Jane.

Apart from the hornbill, she also shared photos and videos of white-crested laughingthrushes and spotted doves among her plants.

"I don't need to go to the bird park. Many kinds of birds here," she said.

"I sit at my table as they walk nearby. They are not afraid of me."

Mary Jane said the birds appeared last September after her mother died. Her father died in 1993.

"I talk to them as if they are Mum and Dad," she told Stomp.

"To me, it's like in my saddest moment, the birds came to comfort me so that I wouldn't be alone."

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