Hornbill calls for its mate at condo resident's balcony, both fly off together

Submitted by Stomper Maisara

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A condominium resident was delighted to play host to not one but two hornbills over the weekend.

Stomper Maisara shared photos and videos of the couple perched on her balcony at 23 Minbu Road on Sunday (Nov 13), at around 1.30pm.

She said: "It's the first time hornbills have flown to my home. I was very surprised and happy to see them upclose. They seemed quite tame."

Videos taken by the Stomper show an oriental pied hornbill making squawking noises.

It is later joined by its companion and both birds eventually fly away together, with Maisara bidding them goodbye.

Hornbills are generally monogamous animals that stay with the same partner all their life. According to studies, mate compatibility is believed to be important for successful reproduction.