Regular customer turned off by 'watery spaghetti like dishwater laksa' at Saizeriya

Submitted by Stomper Sse Pad

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Have you ever been let down by your favourite restaurant?

If yes, then you will know how Stomper Sse Pad felt after his visit to Saizeriya's Rivervale Mall outlet on Jan 9, at about 6.44pm.

He ordered a Spicy Tomato Vongole for $5.90, but said the dish missed the mark.

Sse Pad, who is a regular customer at this Saizeriya outlet, told Stomp: "Don't expect to have nice tomato pasta here. They are serving watery spaghetti like dishwater laksa. The taste was horrible.

"The manager was unfriendly and there was no apology at all. His response was that the cook added too much water into the pasta."

Well, at least he was not told that photos are for illustration purposes only.

Stomp has contacted Saizeriya for more info.